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Dr. Ronald Hugate developed a leg implant that, according to patient Gary Molok, feels much more like his natural leg. The porous metal rod inserted...

Colorado Limb Consultants

May 08, 2017

Severe arthritis required both of Kevin Wagner's feet to be amputated. With Dr. David Hahn at his side and prosthetics, he is walking again.

Colorado Limb Consultants

March 15, 2017

Dr. Ian Dickey and Colorado Limb Consultants are one of the premier practices using 3D technology for joint replacement.

Dr. David Hahn helps a young mom get back in action by grafting a titanium "cage," similar to the truss design used in the Eiffel Tower, to her...

CBS4 followed up on Dr. Hugate's patient, a U.S. Army sergeant who received a first-of-its-kind permanent leg implant. "Being in a chair is not...

Colorado Limb Consultants

March 03, 2017

KCNC-TV features a patient of Dr. Ian Dickey who says custom 3D-printed knee is even "better" than his original.

Colorado Limb Consultants

February 21, 2017

A wounded Army veteran and a Colorado double amputee are first to receive Dr. Ronald Hugate's a breakthrough implant procedure for artificial...

Colorado Limb Consultants

February 03, 2017

Miami Hurricanes junior outfielder Michael Burns is back on the field after Dr. Hugate removes a tumor in his hip.

Colorado Limb Consultants

December 30, 2016

Why use a stock knee replacement when it can be custom-designed to fit you? Denver7 News (ABC) turned to Dr. Ian Dickey of Colorado Limb Consultants...

Colorado Limb Consultants

November 11, 2016

Sharecare: There’s no one cause of osteoarthritis, yet many people assume that knuckle cracking can contribute to the joint disease. The answer...

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