External Fixators for Limb Lengthening and Deformity Correction

When some patients arrive at Colorado Limb Consultants (CLC), they have already exhausted the surgical procedures available to treat their limb condition. Our expert orthopedic surgeons offer complex, customized treatment methods for patients who are almost out of options.

Orthopedic Surgery Procedure for External Fixators

The external fixator is an orthopedic surgery tool used to lengthen or reshape bones. In order to lengthen a limb or correct a limb deformity using an external fixator, our physicians perform a surgical operation to correct the deformity in the bone and install the external fixator.

Once our team performs surgery and installs the external fixator, the patient is free to return to daily activities and use limb as soon as they are comfortable. During frequent visits to our office, as often as once per week, our physicians slowly and gradually correct the deformity through adjustments to the external fixator. The length of this process can vary, depending on the severity of the condition and the rate of bone growth and recovery.

The external fixator is a proven method for lengthening limbs and correcting bone deformities that cannot be treated by other surgical procedures. Our physicians work closely with an interdisciplinary team of specialists to determine whether the external fixator is the patient's best option for treating a limb deformity.

Unparalleled Patient Support During Treatment and Recovery

For patients with external fixators, we provide comprehensive support services through a team of experts here at CLC. We work with psychologists, social workers and physical therapists to ensure our patients are supported throughout the diagnosis, surgery, treatment and recovery process.

We also host regular support groups where patients with external fixators can meet with a group of their peers to discuss the treatment and suggest solutions for day-to-day challenges. Our support groups are open to external fixator veterans, current patients and those considering the procedure. We encourage prospective patients to consider attending a support group and speaking with patients who have treated their limb length discrepancy or limb deformity with an external fixator.

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If you're seeking treatment for a limb length discrepancy or limb deformity, an external fixator might be the right treatment method for you. To learn more about limb lengthening surgery and how we can help you, call Colorado Limb Consultants today at (303) 837-0072 to schedule a consultation.