Titanium Cages for Limb Lengthening and Deformity Correction

At Colorado Limb Consultants (CLC), our specialized orthopedic surgeons treat cases that have puzzled other experts. We offer complex, customized treatment methods for patients who have exhausted other surgical treatment options.

Orthopedic Surgery Procedure for Titanium Cages

The Osteotomy Truss System, or titanium cage, is an orthopedic surgery tool used to lengthen limbs and correct deformities. Each cage is 3D printed and custom-designed by a team of physicians, manufacturers and engineers. Once the cage is surgically implanted, our physicians monitor and adjust the device while it gradually promotes natural bone growth.

Most patients can return to daily activities and use the implanted limb a month after the cage is implanted. The cage is designed to promote healthy, natural bone growth, which is monitored by our physicians during monthly visits. The length of the process varies based on how much bone growth is required and how quickly the patient’s bone regenerates.

For more than 10 years, the titanium cage has been a reliable and proven method for promoting bone growth and deformity correction in the spine. Since the method has been adapted for limb lengthening, it has become and innovative solution for orthopedic surgeons to treat complex bone conditions.

The titanium cage is considered a "last resort" for patients with complex limb conditions that have not been successfully treated by other surgical procedures. Patients considered for the cage method may have severe limb or bone infections, tumors, mal-unions, non-unions or extremities deformed by trauma. In order to determine whether a titanium cage is the best treatment method, our physicians work closely with an interdisciplinary team of specialists to review the case and consider all of the patient’s options.

Comprehensive Patient Support

For patients with titanium cages, we provide complete support services to ensure our patients are supported in the diagnosis, surgery, treatment and recovery process. We work with psychologists, social workers and physical therapists to provide patients emotional and physical support.

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