The joint refers to the physical point of connection between two bones. Joints also contain a variety of connective tissue that connect bones, muscles and cartilage. Joints injuries are complex and difficult to manage. At Colorado Limb Consultants (CLC), our expert orthopedic surgeons offer the most advanced techniques for diagnosing and treating joint injuries and issues, including total joint replacement.

Leaders in Joint Replacement Surgery

Our physicians are known as "the experts that other experts turn to." Other orthopedic surgeons routinely refer their difficult cases to CLC because of our skill and expertise in treating complex joint problems, including:

  • 3-D Printing for Hip and Knee Replacements
  • Anterior Hip Replacement
  • Hip and Knee Arthritis
  • Infected Joint Replacement
  • Minimally Invasive Hip and Knee Replacement
  • Painful Joint Replacement

Passionate Total Joint Replacement Specialists

Dr. Jeremy Kinder is a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon at CLC, specializing in complex joint reconstruction. He focuses on patients with complex revision joints and infected joint replacement procedures. Dr. Kinder takes a personalized approach to total joint replacement, working closely with each patient to determine which treatment options will work best for the specific case.

Dr. Kinder is also committed to ongoing research in total joint replacement. His clinical research interests include metal allergies in patients with total joint arthroplasty and complex total joint reconstructions and revisions.

Cutting-Edge Treatment Options for Joint Replacement

Dr. Ian Dickey, an orthopedic oncologist and Mayo Clinic fellowship-trained surgeon, is a leading expert in the use of 3-D Printing for hip and knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Dickey works with ConforMIS to 3-D print customized knee implants that are unique to each patient. ConforMIS integrates measurements from 3-D imaging and implant manufacturing to create a perfect fit for each patient. This creates a replacement joint that fits better, heals faster, offers a better range of motion and feels as natural as possible for the patient.

"Why would you try to make yourself fit the knee replacement when the knee replacement can fit you?" says Dr. Dickey. "I'm very passionate about the difference it can make in a patient's life to have a joint replacement that’s made specifically for you."

Dr Ian Dickey Discusses the Use of 3-D Printing for Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

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